Community-based day activities and supports for people with learning disabilities

Messages from 'Having a good day' - Skilled team management

What research tells us

People’s lives improve more quickly when staff time is actively focused around the things that people want to achieve in life. Staff perform better when they know what they are expected to achieve, and they get structured support with the new challenges of person-centred community inclusion work.

What’s happening in practice at the moment

Pointers for development

What is the Six Thinking Hats approach?

De Bono’s approach is based on the idea that 'parallel' thinking can enrich and increase the complexity of a situation so as to develop creative thinking.

Meeting managers’ development needs

Have you made sure that people managing community day services are well equipped for the task? Have they received training or mentoring which addresses:

Practice example

The local authority in Oldham has set up a risk enablement panel as part of the individual budget pilot. The panel is based on the following principles:

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