Community-based day activities and supports for people with learning disabilities

Using this guide - Keys that open the door

Keys that open the door

The 'Having a good day' review highlighted some key ingredients for success in building and delivering good community-based daytime opportunities and supports.

This guide also considers some of the key tasks that need to be carried out in moving from the present scenario towards the vision of better days.

Each Key Ingredient and Key Task has a section of its own in this guide. This chart shows how these ingredients and tasks work together to secure good daily opportunities and supports for people and can help you decide which parts of the guide you want to focus on.

Key ingredients

Key tasks

  1. Empowering people
  2. Changing the model to community life
  3. Organising resources to help change happen
  4. Building support around people
  5. Creating a barrier-free community
  6. Achieving inclusion in community life
  7. Supporting people into paid work
  8. Helping people learn and develop
  9. Creating opportunities for all
  10. Ensuring quality

The results

People are: