The participation of adult service users, including older people, in developing social care


This guide was compiled by a team from King’s College London (Jo Moriarty, Phillip Rapaport, Jill Manthorpe, Michelle Cornes and Stephen Martineau), the Centre for Citizen Participation at Brunel University (Peter Beresford), Shaping Our Lives (Fran Branfield), People First Lambeth (Vic Forrest), the Race Equality Foundation (Jabeer Butt) and University College London (Steve Iliffe). John Keady and Brian Taylor provided advice and comments.

We should like to thank SCIE for commissioning this guide. In particular, we are grateful for the advice and support that we received from Enid Levin, formerly Practice Development Manager at SCIE, who managed this project until her retirement, Patricia Kearney, Director of Practice Development and Pete Fleischmann, Principal Advisor Participation for their advice and support. Special thanks should go to the service users who participated in the consultation events and the organisations that provided information about their work and gave us permission to include them in the guide.