The participation of adult service users, including older people, in developing social care

Practice - Creative approaches to participation

We have a storyteller in Lewisham…so where people are unlikely to relate to [an official strategy document]…by getting them to tell a story about their experiences as a tenant on a block, they may tell you very important things around a…number of issues like anti-social behaviour, or housing maintenance or asbestos removal or anything else. We managed to get funding to go out and talk to groups and reflect back to them what they had said, produce a resource pack. We use them at all our events when we feel we are getting stuck in the dogma or the detail. It’s a useful way of breaking things down for people, it provides a bit of light relief. We also use 'Playback Theatre’ or music or local musicians just to give people the experience of not being in a formal meeting, and getting them to communicate in different ways. So, we have used theatre and acting and mime as a way of communicating people’s experiences. (Manager, Community Empowerment Network)

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