The participation of adult service users, including older people, in developing social care

Structure - Action points

Action points

It’s a good experience when the venue is accessible; that the information you are given is in the accessible format. (Service user)

Timing is never seen as an access issue. They say, 'Come at 9 o’ clock.’ They just don’t think what that means for service users. Everything about the rush hour makes it really difficult for us. (Service user)

Excluding users deliberately [by using jargon is] a form of bullying. We show them a red (a warning) and yellow card (to stop them) at our meetings if they do that in their presentations. (Service user)

[Papers] should be short and concise with no jargon and no acronyms. (Service user)

Build in an earlier deadline so that papers can be available in any format needed and so they go out prior to the meeting. [Meetings are all] about money and we don’t get to discuss issues we want to talk about. (Service user)

I have just been paid for attending a meeting nearly a year ago. (Service user)