Assessment in social work: a guide for learning and teaching

Questions and messages for educators

One aspect of the brief for this guide was to identify questions for educators to consider, arising from the main sources. The questions given throughout the Guide, together with the ‘messages for educators’, have been collected together here to serve two purposes. They provide a prompt list for educators (or encouragement that they are addressing the key areas), and they act in place of an executive summary of the issues considered.

The extent of questions illustrates the multi-dimensional nature of social work assessment and shows the range of knowledge and skills required. The questions also indicate the scale of the task that faces educators in the design and delivery of assessment learning.

The significance of assessment in social work practice and education

Reasons for teaching and learning about assessment

The definitions of assessment

Risk assessment

The purposes of assessment

Who is being assessed?

Theories that underpin assessment

The different timeframes of assessment

Assessment processes

Evidence-based assessment

Legislation, legal frameworks and policy contexts

Do the learning materials you recommend:

Organisational issues

Collaborative assessment with other professions and agencies

Language, communication and assessment

Service user and carer perspectives

Involvement of service users and carers

User-led assessment

Do students have the opportunity to explore user-led approaches to assessment including:

Traditional, emancipatory and governance values

Anti-racist, anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice

What should be the content?

Sources: textbooks and assessment frameworks

How may teaching and learning be structured?

Whatever structure, sequence and pattern of modules is chosen for teaching assessment, the clear messages from the research by Crisp and colleagues and the Salford CSWR study are that:

How may assessment be taught?

What should be the relationship between what is taught and assessment practice in care agencies?

How is student competence assessed?

Whose contributions are needed in assessment teaching?


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