Assessment in social work: a guide for learning and teaching

Teaching and learning of assessment: Introduction

Assessment is a central concern of learning and teaching within HEIs, partly driven by guidance but also in recognition of the importance of this task within contemporary practice. (Shardlow et al, 2005, p 20)

The study [of HEIs] demonstrated that social work education providers are clear about the need to have assessment at the core of programmes. (Shardlow et al, 2005, p 30)

This section builds on the platform of information provided in Assessment in social work, continuing the exploratory process by focusing directly on issues in the teaching and learning of assessment in social work education. The core sources are again the three SCIE-commissioned studies described earlier. There are further ‘questions for educators’ and, in addition, some ‘messages for educators’

Learning content, structure, methods and participants

In this section:

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