Working together to support disabled parents

The policy and legislative frameworks - The responsibilities of organisations and the rights of individuals

Legislation and guidance set out the responsibilities of organisations and the rights of individuals. The legislation and guidance for supporting disabled parents and their children is described below under two main headings: the responsibilities of adults’ services and the responsibilities of children’s social services.

It is also important to recognise that all the services referred to below are covered by Part 3 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. This requires service providers to make 'reasonable adjustments’ to ensure that a disabled person receives the same level of service as a non-disabled person.

In addition, adults’ services and children’s services have a duty to promote equality of opportunity for disabled people, including disabled parents, in their local population (Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and the Northern Ireland Act 1998). This means that they should take proactive steps to ensure equal access and equal treatment. This applies to all their functions, from drawing up children and young people plans, commissioning services, assessments through to service provision.