Commissioning and providing mental health advocacy for African and Caribbean men

Outcomes from advocacy

'Delivering Race Equality' describes 12 characteristics of transformed services. As advocacy is a key ingredient of this transformation process, these characteristics can be used as outcomes for advocacy services for African and Caribbean men.

Link: Department of Health: Delivering Race Equality

These have been grouped into six areas that were identified from the SCIE Knowledge Review 15.

They are:

Outcome area 1: Changes in the person reflected as increased confidence and the ability to get on with life and with other people

Outcome area 2: Changes in treatment

Outcome area 3: Changes in the relationship between mental health services and the individual service user

Outcome area 4: Changes in service provision so that service users receive more culturally appropriate and effective service and access to a broader range of support

Outcome area 5: Changes in the family and/or support system

Outcome area 6: Changes in the civil status of the individual so that the service user is more able to fully participate in civic and social roles