Learning together to safeguard children: developing a multi-agency systems approach for case reviews

Appendix 2: Communication with participants re one-to-one conversations

One-to-one conversations

We will be contacting you shortly to try and arrange a time to talk with you one-to-one about the case. The main purpose of this conversation is to get your view of what was going on in and around this case, how you understood your role or the part you were playing and your perspective on what aspects of the whole system influenced you as a worker.

It is also a chance for us to share with you something of our emerging overview of the case so that together we can begin explore any differences between your own view and other accounts that we have been told. Sharing the wider picture of the case as a whole also gives us the opportunity to explore together the merits and limitations of your judgements and actions. As we explained previously, discussing differences of opinion and judging the adequacy of people’s judgements and actions is not about criticising or blaming anyone. Instead it is a necessary step in order that we can better understand what factors in the work environment support or hinder you in doing a good job.


What you and others tell us during this conversation is vital data. So we will refer to it in our interim and final report, as well as various draft versions of the final report. Other participants will have the chance to read and discuss these reports. So we are asking everyone to keep them confidential within the group and not to share them with colleagues or managers who are not directly involved.

We will not be using your name in either of the reports. We will need to identify you but only by your position and in the public report there will not be any mention of geographic location, so no one should be able to identify you. The family will be referred to by pseudonyms.

We are going to be recording our discussion in order to take data from it for analysis but once that is done the recording will be destroyed.