Learning together to safeguard children: developing a multi-agency systems approach for case reviews

Key concepts and fundamental assumptions - Key practice episodes

  • This describes significant episodes that require further analysis.
  • They can include particular actions/inactions or can extend over time.
  • They can be good or problematic.
  • They are only a selection.

Building on the work of Charles Vincent and colleagues (Taylor-Adams and Vincent, 2004) we have coined the term ‘key practice episodes’ to describe episodes from the case that require further analysis. These are episodes that are judged to be significant to understanding the way that the case developed and was handled. They are not restricted to specific actions or inactions but can extend over longer periods. The term ‘key’ emphasises that they do not form a complete history of the case but are a selection. It is intentionally neutral so can be used to incorporate good and problematic aspects.

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