It's my story: helping care-experienced young people give effective media interviews

Where to find further information

There is a real dearth of published material about supporting young people and other marginalised groups to challenge media stereotypes. The term ‘media’ is such a broad brush that it covers a spectrum of issues and it is hard to pinpoint general resources to recommend. Many books and reports focus on the impact of media on viewers, marketing to particular target groups, gender politics and media, or explanations of how new media is developing. There is also plenty of information about how young people can get involved in media activities such as producing podcasts, videos or newsletters, but almost nothing about young people or other marginalised groups as interviewees.

Check the internet to find information which seems most relevant/useful to their needs and to be selective about these.

Some of the resources produced for the national curriculum may be useful and it is worth looking at websites such as Amazon for these.

The Media Trust

The Media Trust is a charity which brings together the media industry and charities. It produces a range of resources and training for voluntary organisations, and opportunities for young people to become involved in media projects 020 7217 3717 Media Trust Cymru 020 7217 3776 020 7217 3710

Henrietta Bond

Henrietta Bond specialises in media training and communication issues relating to children and young people, particularly those who care experienced. She is also experienced in working with vulnerable and marginalised client groups and organisations working with them. 07976 658345 01992 700581, 07976 658345 email:

The Talk Consultancy

The Talk Consultancy offers a range of media training courses and opportunities for young people to undertake creative projects involving broadcast, print and new media. 0777 6353782 01992 411224