It's my story: helping care-experienced young people give effective media interviews

How does the media see young people?

Trainer notes

It is a good idea to start any form of training or preparation for giving media interviews by encouraging young people to have a discussion about the way the media represents young people.

Look out for any stories in your local or national press which will help to spark off discussions, for example, stories which depict teenage hoodies as ‘demons’ and sick, disabled or abducted children as innocent ‘angels’. You may also find useful examples on websites such as MySpace.

This clip shows Annie Goss, SCIE’s media manager, talking to a group of young people about the way the media sees young people – but it has an interesting twist!

Slide 3 can be used to help young people focus this discussion.

Slide 3: sample text:

Your thoughts about the media

  • How do you think the media portrays young people?
  • Does it use stereotypes? If so – why do you think this is?
  • How would you like to see the media portray young people?
  • What can you do to change the way the media portrays young people?
Slide 3: sample text:

If you are able to show young people an example of an interview or a news story, you might also want to ask them to think about the questions on Slide 4.

If you have read/watched/listened to a media story about young people …

  • What did you think about the way the interviewer spoke to or spoke about young people?
  • If young people were interviewed what did you think about the way they came across?
  • If you were in the interviewer or the young people’s position would you do anything differently? If so, why and how?
Slide 4: sample text:

The aims of these exercises