Leading practice - a development programme for first-line managers

SCIE Guide 27

Published February 2009

'Leading Practice’ is a development programme designed for first-line managers in social care. The programme is divided into 11 sessions, and consists of activities and discussion, as well as reading suggestions. It will aid the development of the individual and the organisation through a greater knowledge and understanding of practice-focused management.

From this page, you can access the participant’s pack and accompanying facilitator’s handbook.  You will need to print out one copy for each participant. Supporting material for each session is presented in PowerPoint slides, which can also be downloaded here.

Participant’s pack

The participant’s pack provides complete course notes for use during the training sessions, as well as supportive material and suggestions for further reading.

Facilitator’s handbook

The facilitator’s handbook has the same basic content as the participant’s handbook but also contains additional notes about each exercise to help the facilitator.


There are 11 sets of presentation/slides to accompany the training sessions. These can be used to supplement the supportive material.

The presentation/slides are available as PowerPoint presentations and PDF files.

Session 4: Working in a stressful environment