Changing social care: an inclusive approach

Leadership for change and improvement: Create the right conditions

Examples from case studies:

All staff interviewed acknowledged that the arrival of the new director had been the turning point for change and that the leader had enabled the change. Beyond clarifying the purpose and ideology of the organisation, the director created the conditions that allowed the organisation to shift in the desired direction.

(Age Concern Sheffield)

Increasingly over time, service users began to sit on the board of directors. While the first frontiers were ‘persons with acquired disabilities, who had previous experience of the business sector’ (Willowbank service user), over time the user directors were service users who had ‘come up through the ranks and are probably more reflective of our user group’ (Willowbank service user)


To me CEOs are sometimes a bit distant, but she has approachability. You can contact her about something you think is crucial. She seems to be on the ground still as well. She knows everything that is going on around the country, [but] she is not so high up on her perch. She is at grass roots level and approachable

(SCIE Knowledge review 16).

How we know this