Changing social care: an inclusive approach

People who use services driving culture change: Introduction

Five years ago I was happy to walk round the garden and plant a lot of bulbs. Now, I’m an equality commissioner for Northern Ireland and involved in other things that the centre has given me the chance and the skills to do

(Fauth and Mahdon 2007: 99).

In social care total organisational and cultural change will need to take place so that people, rather than systems and procedures, come first

(Carr 2008).

Improving the practice around user involvement at all levels – which is a cultural change in itself – is the key to improving change in all other aspects of service provision

(SCIE Knowledge review 17).

This is the ultimate goal for adult social care – change and improvement driven by the people who use the services. SCIE Knowledge review 17: Service user driven culture change gathered examples where people using services had tried to bring about change, and looked at both successes and failures. SCIE Knowledge review 16: Improving social and health care services also found that such involvement was crucial.

What needs to be done?

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