Changing social care: an inclusive approach


This list offers alternative avenues of information, advice and resources that may be of use when planning change, developing participation and thinking about personalisation. Many more references can be found in the original knowledge reviews:

Department of Health

Bringing together a range of resources to support changes in social care, the Department of Health website has a section devoted to social care reform. This includes access to the personalisation toolkit developed by the Care Services Improvement Partnership (CSIP).

The adult social care workforce strategy identifies the key issues for the workforce as set out in 'Putting People First' and goes on to develop these into broader, strategic priorities. It is intended to provide all stakeholders, whether public service or private and voluntary sector, with a high-level overview of strategy development prior to finalisation of the full strategy.

Integrated Care Network

The Learning and Improvement Network for Leadership and Teamwork Development (LIN4LTD) provides a resource for people involved in leadership and teamwork both as developers of improvement initiatives and as interested consumers.

Improvement Network

Helping to lay the foundations for successful partnership working in local areas, the Improvement Network builds capacity for public sector managers and practitioners.

Improvement and Development Agency

Project, programme and change management toolkit. The content aims to help local authorities and other public sector organisations to establish a culture of strong project and programme management skills to increase an organisation's overall capacity to deliver change. Information includes guidance, case studies and methodologies.

There are also a range of workforce resources available to download form the Workforce resources and good practice section of the I&DeA.

Integrated Service Improvement Programme

The road map for transformational change is a framework that enables health and social care organisations to design, plan and deliver integrated and transformational change that is both successful and sustainable: it is relevant to both commissioners and providers and can be used across a local health community (LHC), a clinical network or an individual trust or organisation.

Social Care Institute for Excellence

SCIE has produced several guides on participation.

For some examples of toolkits that might be useful in helping you develop participation within your organisation, you can look at Participation – finding out what difference it makes.

SCIE’s people management website offers a range of easy to use people management audit tools to assist with issues such as workforce development and participation.

The self-assessment resource pack Learning Organisations enables individuals, teams and organisations to consider their position as learning organisations and how they might develop and improve aspects of practice.

Leading practice is a development programme for first-line managers.

Skills for Care

The section on ‘new types of worker’ explores what this means for workers across social care. It offers a range of information on completed and current projects that might be of use for your organisational development.

Skills for Care also provide a wide range of information on developing the skills of the social care workforce, and on the qualifications and training available.