Changing social care: an inclusive approach

Stakeholder participation: Introduction

This is a challenging agenda, which cannot be delivered by social care alone….it will mean working across the sector with partners from independent, voluntary and community organisations…

(Circular,Department of Health 2008a: 2)

Stakeholder involvement and participation is crucial to successful and lasting change in social care, and will be particularly important in achieving personalised services. All successful change engages a wide network of stakeholders, including other health and social care organisations. For providers operating in the private sector, thinking about involving customers might be more familiar.

This chapter introduces some of the key steps that will help your stakeholders become genuinely involved in developing the service, and looks at involvement of the wider community and key partners in the delivery of care and support. The people who use services are undoubtedly part of this stakeholder group and the messages here are relevant to their involvement, but they are also discussed in much greater detail in the final chapter. The examples and quotations are taken from a range of case studies conducted with organisations that were undergoing or had undergone significant adaptations and changes to the way they worked.

What needs to be done?

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