Changing social care: an inclusive approach

Workforce involvement and participation: Introduction

…if the goal is for employees to facilitate greater choice and control among service users, then employees should also feel as if they have choice and control in their professional lives

(SCIE Knowledge review 16).

Workforce involvement and participationis crucial to successful and lasting change in social care, and achieving personalised services will be no different. This chapter introduces some of the key steps that will ensure individuals in the workforce have the opportunity to become genuinely involved in developing the service. The examples and quotations are taken from a range of case studies conducted with organisations that were undergoing or had undergone significant adaptations and changes to the way they worked.

What needs to be done?

  1. Engage the workforce
  2. Establish a structure that encourages engagement
  3. Get the communication channels right
  4. Work with resistance
  5. Give people support to adjust and adapt

Supporting material