Fair access to care services (FACS): prioritising eligibility for care and support

The Care Bill 2013: key principles – Summary: Part 1 – care and support

Clause numbers will change as new clauses are added to the Bill as it passes through Parliament. The clause numbers in this section refer to the Bill as introduced in the House of Lords in May 2013.

Part 1 sets out the legal framework for the provision of adult social care in England.

Clauses 1 to 7 set out the general responsibilities of local authorities. They describe local authorities’ broader care and support role towards the local community, including services provided more generally – for instance, those with the aim of reducing needs.

Clauses 8 to 40 (and Clauses 64 to 66) provide for a person’s journey through the care and support system. These provisions map out the process of assessments, charging, establishing entitlements, care planning, and the provision of care and support. They include provision to create a cap on the costs of care and for local authorities to enter into deferred payment agreements.

Clauses 41 to 46 outline the responsibilities of local authorities and other partners in relation to the safeguarding of adults, including a new requirement to establish safeguarding adults boards in every area.

Clauses 55 to 63 will support the transition for young people between children’s and adults’ care by giving local authorities powers to assess children, young carers and parent carers.

Clauses 67 to 72 set out miscellaneous further provisions, including restating the law relating to delayed discharges.


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