A commissioner’s guide to developing and sustaining local user-led organisations

Understanding ULOs: Examples

Below we introduce four different ULOs from around the country. The ULOs represent different social care user groups in different areas and demonstrate the diversity of ULOs.

Action Disability Kensington & Chelsea

Where? The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London.

Members? Adults with physical, sensory or hidden impairments who live or work in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

What does it do? We are the local voice of disabled people and provide information and advice, advocacy, consultation, policy development, training, individual budgets support, access and volunteers.

Governance structure? ADKC is a user-led organisation. Our management committee is made up entirely of local disabled people.

Core values? ADKC is committed to working within the social model of disability. As an organisation run by and for disabled people, ADKC ensures that disabled people take part in the planning and management of its work.

Interesting fact? ADKC’s membership includes the members of Crazie Productions, an award winning group of local young disabled filmmakers.

For more information: go to www.adkc.org.uk

Manchester Black Health Forum

Where? North Manchester.

Members? Adults aged 50 and over from black and minority ethnic communities who are isolated and who have health and social care needs.

Activities? As well as providing advocacy services and peer support, Manchester Black Health Forum run various clubs including luncheon clubs and social care day clubs. We also provide meals to isolated people in the community.

Governance structure? Manchester Black Health Forum is a registered charity.

Core values? Manchester Black Health Forum works within the social model of disability and delivers services in ways that are sensitive to diversity.

Interesting fact? The chair’s mother was one of the original members of the black health forum, Marahaba.

Body Positive North West

Where? North west England.

Members? Over 1,700 members.

Activities? Our services include a health and social care department, a volunteer department, a kitchen and dining room from which hot meals are cooked for our people who use services, point of care HIV testing from our building and also in a variety of outreach locations, complementary therapy and the availability of a training room.

Governance structure? A not-for-profit social enterprise.

Core values? Supporting the lives of people, families and communities affected by HIV, by never losing sight of the individual.

Interesting fact? BPNW is the only organisation in England to offer point of care HIV testing that is completely delivered by the voluntary sector.

For more information: phone 0161 882 2200, email info@bpnw.org.uk or write to 39 Russell Road, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 8DH.

The People’s Forum

Where? Leicestershire County and Rutland.

Membership? The group is open to all adults who use mental health services in Leicestershire and Rutland.

Activities? The aim of the group is to ensure that people who use services have a voice and that their views about the planning and delivery of mental health services are heard. We are currently involved in some exciting projects including one on digital story telling and one which aims to promote wellbeing through involvement in sport.

Governance structure? The group is run by and for people who use services and has its own office with two part-time staff. We have a management committee made up of four elected officers and two invited members, all service user volunteers.

Core values: To keep our commitment to people who use services to be ‘your voice on mental health services’.

Interesting fact? We have broadcast on BBC Radio Leicester for World Mental Health Day, including the ‘Thought for the Day’, and a pre-recorded feature on mental health followed by an on-air discussion.

For more information: email peoplesforum@btconnect.com