IMCA involvement in accommodation decisions and care reviews

IMCA reports

IMCAs must prepare reports for the person who instructed them (IMCA General Regulations 6(6)). The local authority or NHS body responsible for the accommodation decision or for undertaking a review must have regard to these reports as well any other representations made by the IMCA, including things they have said (MCA Sections 38(5), 39(6), IMCA Expansion Regulations 5(2)). In some cases IMCAs may need to provide more than one report.

'Reports' can take different formats. These can include:

The IMCA needs to identify the best way to provide reports in each case. Detailed reports will be necessary where the IMCA has concerns about the decisions being made. As identified above, after instruction the IMCA and decision-maker should agree the date by which reports need to be submitted so that they can inform the decision-making process.

Action for Advocacy (2010) has produced a guide for IMCAs on report writing.