IMCA involvement in accommodation decisions and care reviews

Care Quality Commission reports

The CQC website contains assessment reports for the providers of health and social care including care homes, domiciliary care providers, hospitals and mental health units. These reports will provide a more objective picture of the quality of the home than the IMCA is likely to be able to gain from any visits.

Good practice is for IMCAs to access the most recent report for the service if involved in a care review or where the service is being considered in relation to an accommodation decision.

In addition to looking at any overall rating, the IMCA should identify if there are any particular issues raised in the report for the service which may indicate whether it would be particularly suitable or unsuitable for the person. For example, if the report raised concerns about the giving of medication and the person had complex needs in this area, then additional attention should be given to whether the care provider is able to meet these needs.