IMCA involvement in accommodation decisions and care reviews

Maintaining relationships

Accommodation decisions and care reviews should consider the person's opportunity to maintain important relationships. This includes family and friends but may also extend to other service users and paid carers.

Important relationships with staff and other service users are eligible for the protection of the right to a family life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (see e.g. EWHC 621(Fam) (2010). In addition to putting restrictions on statutory bodies from separating families, Article 8 also gives them obligations to actively support family life.

IMCAs will want to check the following:

This is an area of work which may not be a high priority in all services. It is also one in which IMCAs can make a significant positive impact by, for example, making a record of who is important and making suggestions in terms of how best contact can be maintained.