IMCA involvement in accommodation decisions and care reviews

Whose decision?

It is the decision of the local authority or NHS trust whether the person requires an IMCA because there is no one appropriate to consult. If an IMCA is instructed and it is the view of the IMCA that this should not have happened because there is a family member or friend who can represent the person, this should be discussed with the instructor (who may choose to withdraw the instruction). However, the IMCA should not refuse the instruction (this should be written into local engagement protocols – see SCIE Guide 31).

If an IMCA is instructed where there is some contact with family or friends, decision-makers should let them know about the involvement of the IMCA (MCA Code of Practice,10.14). Their views should still be sought in relation to the decision.

Any complaints about why an IMCA has been instructed when there are family and friends involved should be directed to the person who made the instruction (see SCIE Guide 31).