Mental health service transitions for young people

Accessible and easy to use mental health services

She is the best person ever. She'd make you feel at ease... I felt like someone took an interest... someone cared about the care I was getting.

18-year-old young woman


Fully involve the young person, their family and carers where appropriate, and with the young person's consent. Be transparent in planning and making decisions. Remember that mental health service transitions are a process, rather than simply a 'transfer'.

Making services accessible, acceptable and easy to use is very important for young people and their families, particularly at transition. Generally young people think that moving to adult services is confusing and difficult to negotiate. As a result they may disengage from services even though they have continuing mental health needs. This can worsen their emotional and physical health, sometimes requiring sustained intensive or specialist treatment later on in a crisis, including admission to an inpatient unit, which increases the risk of the young person's education or training being disrupted. It can also have serious consequences for families, friends and communities.

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