Mental health service transitions for young people

Practice example - City and Hackney CAMHS Extended Service


East London Foundation Trust has developed City and Hackney Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) to extend their Tier 3 service provision to young people past the age of 18-25 years. The extended service works primarily with young people who do not currently meet the criteria for Adult Mental Health Services (AMHS) in Hackney but who are considered to require a mental health service.

It also targets young people who may need to be transferred to adult services at a later date, but who need a period of preparatory work before they are ready to make this transition due to their developmental needs. Some young people also need additional support through such a transition. Contact with the service can be maintained until the young person is fully engaged in adult services, rather than closing the case at the point of referral. The service forms part of the wider City and Hackney CAMHS service and works in partnership with primary and social care, youth services, adult services, third sector organisations, and colleges.


The extended service team consists of:

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