Effective supervision in a variety of settings

The context for effective supervision: Ways of providing supervision

It is worth noting that different methods of supervision, such as telephone supervision, were mentioned in the practice enquiry. [2] While we have been unable to evaluate these it would seem sensible to suggest that, if it is part of planned supervision, then the preparation that face-to-face supervision requires should be applied, along with a way of recording the process. It was also noted in the practice enquiry that the availability of a supervisor was important in relation to ‘informal supervision’ as it was seen to support decision-making in real time without having to wait for formal supervision. Whether this is done by telephone or face to face may depend on the setting. However, decisions made during informal supervision will need to be recorded and acknowledged in formal supervision.

The way in which supervision is organised and delivered should be appropriate to task, role and setting. For example, recommendation 12 suggests that: ‘For home care workers, organisations should offer alternative ‘responsive out-of-hours systems’ especially at times of crises and emergencies as well as regular telephone contact in addition to scheduled supervision’. Similarly, in the practice enquiry, one case study noted that supervision was arranged to accommodate shift workers.

Supervisees value a range of supervision methods with one-to-one supervision at the core, since this provides the confidential exploration of practice without defensiveness.

Supervision may be:


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