Co-production in social care: What it is and how to do it

How to do co-production - Introduction

This section explains how to put co-production approaches into practice in organisations and projects. It uses a jigsaw model for the management of change.

The four pieces of the jigsaw are:

This is a ‘whole systems approach’ that SCIE originally adopted for participation [19] because:

  • organisations must change at every level – from senior management to frontline staff – if they want to achieve meaningful participation
  • participation should become part of daily practice – and not be a one-off activity
  • participation operates at different levels as there are many ways to involve people who use services in different types of decisions. [19]

Have we got co-production news for you

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SCIE now sees the jigsaw model as a useful way to approach co-production and has used it for its own co-production strategy. [8]


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