Recommendations: Commissioning home care for older people

Both my parents have been enabled to stay independent as long as they can due to the adult social care they have been provided with ... [They] are able to enjoy a dignified life, in their communities, at little cost to the state, and remain in control and as independent as they can be.

Daughter, West Midlands [1]

Around the world, commissioners are being challenged by how best to care for rising numbers of older people with complex needs. The aspiration is rightly to give people the choice as to whether they receive care in their own homes if local resources allow because home care is what many people with complex needs want. And it is also cheaper than care that is provided in institutions such as hospitals and care homes.

The following recommendations show what commissioners can do at different stages of the commissioning cycle to improve how they assess, plan, contract and monitor home care services that satisfy what older people want, and make it less likely that they will need the costlier health-based services of hospitals and care homes. The recommendations are based on the emerging evidence of good practice in the UK and abroad.


Commissioners should:


Commissioners should:


Commissioners should:


Commissioners should:

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