Personalisation: Commissioning home care for older people

If older people are to be properly supported at home, practitioners need to provide social and health care services that meet the person'’s own understanding of their complex social and health care needs. [5] Flexible, personalised care is particularly important for older people who do not have family and friends living nearby to give them such help. [6]

The best home care takes a personalised approach that:

People who use services should be involved in their care in the following ways:

Also, the particular needs of the following groups of users should be taken into account:

The ability to personalise care varies a lot between service providers and local authorities. Issues around the following all have an impact:

Some service providers are willing to allow flexibility in care plans and cater to users’ individual preferences. But others stick rigidly to the care plan and focus only on users’ essential needs. This may be because local commissioning or social work practice forces a more rigid approach, and may need every variation in care delivery or timing to be approved.

The values and policies of those buying care services have an important influence on how flexible and personalised the service offered by providers is. [6]


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