Short-notice care home closures

Assessment and choice

Assessing people's individual needs, preferences and aspirations and enabling them to make informed choices about their place of residence are just as important as in situations of planned change.

Enabling people to have choices is important, even when the closure of the home is inevitable. We have to make sure we honour this and don't rush people into decisions just because it's neat and tidy for us when we're working under pressure


Examples and tips

Examples of what others are doing plus materials they have developed and useful tips.

Assessment and choice - examples and tips sections

Tools and checklists

Assessment and choice - Tools and checklists section

Key points from policy and research

What the regulator says

In the event of threatened or imminent emergency closure, commissioners should make contact with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) at the earliest opportunity. CQC will provide information under its information-sharing protocols indicating any action which it is taking.