Integrated Working: 'An Overview'

Watch a video introduction on integrated working.

What is the video about?

People often need to use a range of services including health care, social care, housing, and the criminal justice system. Increasingly, organisations and people who are responsible for providing care and support, are realising the benefits of looking beyond their own service and practice. Theyre integrating to meet the needs and wishes of people who use their services.

People arriving at a health centre often have social issues that we need to deal with, housing issues that need to be dealt with and other issues that are blocking them from actually moving forward in their health. The film looks at the death of Stephen Hoskin in 2006. One of the principle findings of the serious case review was that every agency had a piece of a jigsaw but at no stage did they seek to discuss the information that they held or the concerns that they had about Stephen's circumstances. The agencies concerned have since made major changes to prevent this type of tragedy from happening again.

Messages for practice

Who will find this useful?

Anyone who works in the caring professions, from nurses to care home managers, from local authority commissioners to occupational therapists.

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