Learning organisations: Downloads

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Key characteristics

Card 1: Introduction

Card 2: Characteristics of a social care learning organisation

Card 3: Informed decision-making

Card 4: How can informed decision-making be demonstrated?

Knowledge about learning organisations

Card 1: Organisational structure (a)

Card 2: Organisational structure (b)

Card 3: Organisational structure (c)

Card 4: Organisational culture (a)

Card 5: Organisational culture (b)

Card 6: Organisational culture (c)

Card 7: Organisational culture (d)

Card 8: Information systems (a)

Card 9: Information systems (b)

Card 10: Human resource practices

Card 11: Leadership (a)

Card 12: Leadership (b)

The informed service user and carer

Card 1

The informed frontline worker

Card 1

The informed policy maker

Card 1 Introduction

Card 2: Organisational policy

Card 3: Illustrative examples


Card 1 - references with abstracts

Card 2 - quick references