Safeguarding adults: Mediation and family group conferences

Enabling participation

Key messages from policy and research

  • Mediators and FGC coordinators have a duty to ensure that everyone is able to participate meaningfully in the process.
  • Particular attention must be paid to a vulnerable adult with diminished capacity.

Practice points

  • The mediator or FGC coordinator will always support the vulnerable adult to prepare for mediation or an FGC.
  • The individual must have appropriate advocacy and support to enable them to participate as fully as possible.
  • Power imbalances must be addressed.
  • The mediator or FGC coordinator must be aware of the legal implications for a person who lacks the capacity to make certain decisions.

The mediator or FGC coordinator must consider how to provide the necessary support and accommodation to ensure that everyone can take part in the process in a meaningful way. They should also address any imbalances of power, undue pressure and/or manipulation to ensure that the person understands the meaning and consequences of any agreement or plan (CCEL 2012).

Key steps