Definitions of excellence

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) commissioned SCIE in 2010 to define excellence in adult social care services in England. This definition was developed in consultation with a range of people who provide and use care services. CQC is using the definition to develop plans for an Excellence Award. Details on the proposed Award are available on the CQC website. CQC is running a consultation on the proposals until 1 August 2011.

SCIE produced three reports for CQC:

Definition of excellence

This is the definition itself, looking at how the four key elements of excellence – voice, choice and control; good relationships; spending time purposefully and enjoyably; and service factors – interact to produce the best possible outcomes for people who use services.

Finding excellence in adult social care services: scoping and engagement report

The scoping and engagement report shows the detail of the work SCIE did to develop the definition, including consultations with users, carers, providers and commissioners. It includes examples of good practice from top-rated social care services.

Finding excellence in adult social care services: an overview of selected approaches to excellence in social care

This overview looks at some of the tools currently in use to measure quality in social care, many of which informed our final definition.