SCIE Report 2: Working with families with alcohol, drug and mental health problems

By Patricia Kearney, Enid Levin and Gwen Rosen

Published June 2003


The services that have been set up to help the children and parents in families with alcohol, drug and mental health problems are located in and administered by a number of different organisations. The routes into these services vary and, once referred, the range of teams and practitioners in health, social services and the independent sector that may potentially become involved with these adults and children is wide. Even those services that are within one organisation can be separate and work independently from one another. Effective collaboration across the many interfaces and a sharp focus on the family as a whole are essential if these children and their parents are to receive appropriate help, advice and guidance.


This report focuses on the policies and practices that can promote integrated services to families. It makes a number of recommendations for improving joint practice, some of which are listed below.


The guide is aimed at senior managers and social care workers in children's services and adults' services in local authorities. It is also aimed at workers and managers in other services that may be involved with families with alcohol and mental health problems such as local health services.

Messages from the report

Recommendations for improving joint working between adults' and children's services


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