Report 37: Personalisation, productivity and efficiency

About this report


With thanks to Rachel Ayling, Emma Jenkins, Martin Cattermole and Tasman Oxlado for their expert feedback on this report.

Definition of terms

For the purposes of this review the term 'efficiency' encompasses issues of cost reduction, cost neutrality and waste reduction ('efficiency gains' are achieved where costs are reduced and outcomes maintained or improved). A service can be described as offering 'value for money' where there is an optimum balance between three factors – relatively low cost (relative to previous costs), high productivity (evidenced by improved outcomes for individuals, or similar outcomes for more individuals) and successful person-centred outcomes.


To find evidence on these topics, an information specialist and the report author carried out background searching on a wide range of sources, including previous work at the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), databases of published research, general web searches, organisations' websites, reading lists and consulting experts.

This search aimed to be broad, to capture significant research, publications, initiatives and organisations. It was not designed to be exhaustive, however, and did not constitute a full systematic search. For further details of the scoping methods, see Appendix 1 in the full pdf version of this report.


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