Report 37: Personalisation, productivity and efficiency


'Successful personalisation of social care will require increasingly efficient delivery'. (1)

This report focuses on the potential for personalisation, particularly self-directed support and personal budgets, to result in cost-efficiencies and improved productivity as well as improved care and support. The overall result of this is greater independence and better outcomes for people's lives. The report provides an overview of some emerging evidence for efficiency from the implementation of personalisation so far, to inform the next stage of delivery.

Reform of social care and personalisation is part of the coalition agreement, which states that:

'A vision for adult social care: Capable communities and active citizens' sets out seven key principles for a modern system of social care:

The part of the vision for 'productivity, quality and innovation' acknowledges that:

… high quality assessment and care management services are central to providing person-centred social care services. But inefficient, unnecessary processes remain. We expect councils to show that they have reduced unnecessary management costs in their assessment and care management and redirected it to funding more care and support. (2)

The supporting sector partnership agreement, 'Think local, act personal', explains how the social care sector can deliver the vision. The proposed agreement restates the commitment to personal budgets and emphasises the need for efficient delivery:

… Those who are eligible for ongoing council support, will receive this by way of a personal budget, with direct payments as the preferred delivery model for most. Successful personalisation of social care will require increasingly efficient delivery, with further attention to important elements of council operating systems, and a strong focus on workforce development. (1)


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