Report 47: User involvement in adult safeguarding

An introduction to user involvement

Involvement should be a collaborative venture where groups work together to increase people's control over their lives…


Health and social care has a well established ethos of involving people who use services in their own care, and in the development of services, but a scoping exercise by SCIE found little evidence of user involvement in adult safeguarding.

This report was commissioned to address that identified gap in knowledge. It draws on literature on the involvement of people who use services in social care generally, and wherever possible, literature specifically about user involvement in safeguarding adults, complementing this with examples from practice.

The report examines principles and values underpinning user involvement, and summarises research findings on what helps and hinders involvement in safeguarding adults. It describes a range of models of user involvement in safeguarding at a strategic, individual and community level, and illustrates these using case studies. It concludes with recommendations on how to implement and improve user involvement in safeguarding adults work.

The report is not intended to cover carer involvement in safeguarding adults.

This section looks at the values and principles that underpin involvement of people who use services in health and social care, and goes on to consider a range of influences that have driven the involvement of users.


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