Report 48: Mental health, employment and the social care workforce

Who helps people with mental health problems gain and regain employment?

The majority of employers agreed that there is a link between work and the health and wellbeing of their employees, and that they have a responsibility to encourage employees to be physically and mentally healthy (21).

This section looks at research about the roles of those who can or potentially could help people already in the workforce to deal with mental health problems and retain their jobs, and help people with mental health problems to gain or regain social care employment. This includes GPs and other staff in primary care, those working in occupational health (OH) and human resources (HR), and line managers.

There is a surprising lack of research in this area, particularly in relation to the role of human resources, though much that applies to line managers is also relevant to HR.

The research shows a need for more training for all relevant professionals which would enable earlier identification of problems experienced by existing staff, and more confidence in employing or re-employing people with mental health problems.


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