Report 64: Reviewing the impact of the Social care governance workbook

Facilitators and barriers

The review revealed a range of factors which can either support the implementation of SCG or act as barriers, and that the workbook was best implemented with a whole-team approach. Engaging staff was not always easy but motivation and ownership improved when staff could see progress being made.

The stressful environment of frontline work meant that additional support was needed to develop action plans. Managers need to be proactive in demystifying SCG, placing it in the wider context, providing suitable training and time for this, promoting a culture of teamwork and good morale and preventing staff frustration. Effective communication with and between all parties is vital.

The workbook was helpful in addressing a wider knowledge base for staff, who need to be supported to contribute to practice development and permitted some operational freedom. Achieving service improvement may depend on authorisation from a regional authority and this can be a barrier to change, as can the fallout from restructuring.

SCG leads have a range of functions including training, awareness-raising, facilitation and support.


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