Report 64: Reviewing the impact of the Social care governance workbook

The workbook in practice

The organisation of the workbook was viewed positively and its setting out of the SCG framework in a single document seen as helpful. Length and clarity in some areas were criticised, although it was accepted that to an extent this was unavoidable.

Use of the workbook was most effective in a team setting, especially one that embraces different areas of the organisation. The workbook allows for flexibility and the questions stimulated constructive discussion.

Respondents had made positive use of the workbook in relation to leadership and accountability, safe and effective practice, accessible, flexible and responsive services and effective communication.

Among other things it emerged that there was a lack of evidence-based practice in social work, that areas such as risk management were less well understood by frontline workers than was desirable, that service user and carer involvement, while supported, was not well implemented, and that IT systems limit the recording and sharing of information.


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