Research mindedness resource

Are you research minded?

This short quiz will allow you to assess your current level of research mindedness. Write out your responses to the statements listed under each question and then click to reveal answers. Compare your answers to those provided.

Commissioners and developers

This resource has been a joint venture since its inception. The original resource was commissioned by the Department of Health (DH) (England) and developed between 1998 and 2000. In late 2002, following a competitive tendering process, SCIE awarded a contract for the review and redevelopment of the resource to the Centre for Human Service Technology (CHST) at Southampton University. The most recent redevelopment has been commissioned by the Joint University Council Social Work Education Committee (JUCSWEC) research committee, in collaboration with SCIE, to update and refresh the resource.

Writers and reviewers

Tish Marrable is a lecturer in social work at the University of Sussex and an active social work and social care researcher. She teaches research methods and research mindedness for social work at qualifying level (undergraduate and postgraduate) as well as specialist courses such as evaluation research and computer-assisted qualitative data analysis. Her research interests focus on interprofessional services and the interactions between practitioners and service users.


Dr Tish Marrable, University of Sussex
Dr Karen Postle,University of Southampton
SWAP (Social Policy and Social Work), University of Southampton
The College of Social Work