The Road Ahead – Downloads

The Road Ahead project was undertaken over a six month period between October 2003 and March 2004 by the Norah Fry Research Centre (University of Bristol), North Somerset People First and the Home Farm Trust. The project was funded by the Social Care Institute for Excellence and resulted in six publications:

1) An easy report by the Transition Project Team from North Somerset People First. This report has been developed by the Rix Centre as an easy to use web resource – click here to see the web version of the easy report.

The easy report is also available as PDF file.

Download the easy report (4,215kb PDF file)

2) A full report by Beth Tarleton: The Road Ahead – Information for young people with learning difficulties, their families and supporters at transition. Appendix

Download the full report, including appendices A and B (713kb PDF file)

Download the Appendix A – references only (94kb PDF file)

Download the Appendix B – methods only (115kb PDF file)

3) A systematic review of the literature on transition for young people with learning difficulties by Ruth Townsley: The Road Ahead? What does the literature tell us about the information needs of young people with learning difficulties and their families at transition?

Download the literature review (231kb PDF file)

4) A review of the resources available to support transition by Debby Watson (presented as Appendix C of the full report)

Download the Appendix C – review of resources (211kb PDF file)

5) An easy summary by Beth Tarleton of the key themes and findings from the project about transition for young people with learning difficulties.

Download the easy summary (1,171kb PDF file)

6) An executive summary of the key findings of the full report

Download the executive summar (84kb PDF file)