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Webinar: Learning from safeguarding audits and reviews to increase system capacity – Themes and trends from safeguarding audits

Recorded 19 October 2023. Updated April 2024.


Over the last three years, SCIE has supported a number of organisations who are undertaking a development journey to improve their safeguarding practice. This work took place before, during and after the pandemic when many organisations saw significant changes to their service delivery, often being implemented at pace.

From this, SCIE has undertaken a research project across ten of these audits to identify the key themes and trends of areas for organisational development within a variety of areas such as Governmental Departments, Charities, Public, Private, Faith and Education sectors. This webinar aims to bring together these themes and trends as a guide to those seeking to identify potential areas of focus for those who are looking to consider their own organisational safeguarding developments. SCIE is running a series of webinars and other activities on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care in 2023 and 2024 as part of its outreach and engagement, to dissseminate learning across the sector.

Hosted by

Suzanne Cottrell, SCIE Safeguarding Audits Manager

Aims and objectives for this session

SCIE will disseminate this learning and share a summary of its findings with the aim of supporting sectors develop their practice to improve safeguarding capability and capacity leading to better outcomes.

At the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Consider areas of key safeguarding risk/potentially problematic safeguarding areas and relate them to their own organisation or sector
  • Appreciate the importance of effective safeguarding governance between front line practitioners to senior leaders; and including recipients of services, and how this can improve safeguarding delivery in their workplace
  • Discuss how culture, leadership and robust systems can enable or inhibit effective safeguarding implementation.
  • Appreciate the interface between other key functions across the organisation and its impact upon safeguarding systems.
  • How ‘the golden thread of safeguarding’ can be supported via effective communication and messaging from senior leaders.

Webinar: Learning from safeguarding audits and reviews to increase system capacity

Webinar slides: Learning from safeguarding audits and reviews to increase system capacity

Developing your internal safeguarding governance

Following this webinar, SCIE created a resource to support organisations with strengthening their safeguarding governance, based on all of our learning. We asked our webinar attendees to complete a survey on their current safeguarding governance methods.

SCIE hopes this guidance will provide you with areas of consideration and reflection on your current approaches to safeguarding governance.