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Safeguarding adults: an independent life after abuse

Safeguarding Adults: An independent life after abuse

What is the video about?

The film focuses on the personal story of Philip who suffered physical, financial and emotional abuse in the family home for many years. Philip has learning disabilities and cerebral palsy. When Philip finally disclosed the abuse, he was supported to leave the family home. Since then he has gone from strength to strength. He married and, although his wife unfortunately died some years after their marriage, Philip continues to live a full and independent life.

Warning: This film contains strong language.

Messages for practice

  1. Abuse within the family home can go undetected for many years.
  2. People who live with their family may have very limited opportunities to talk to people outside the home.
  3. It is important to promote good communication so that people in an abusive situation feel able to share their concerns.
  4. With the right support, people with disabilities can live fulfilling and independent lives.

Who will find this useful?

Social workers; front-line care workers.