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coproduction with lay people … So that is a big success. And more people seeing that whole system integration as the way that we are going to solve the problems that we are in. So in terms of critical mindset changes, I think that those are successes

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Authority social service settings. Embedding Local Area Coordination within Local Authority settings requires skilled political and policy leadership. It balances emerging individual outcomes – health and well-being – with the civic mission (values, control and coproduction), and avoids one being subverted

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...with the civic mission (values, control and coproduction), and avoids one being subverted to the other. Community exchange and time currencies: a systematic and in-depth thematic review of impact on public health outcomes

Report 37: Personalisation, productivity and efficiency

Part of: Personalisation, productivity and efficiency having assets and expertise that should be valued. Coproduction means moving away from 'doing the same thing, only trying to do it more cheaply', towards sustainable public services that 'prevent needs arising and provide better outcomes'. (20) There have been tentative suggestions that initiatives

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Co-production and Communities - how to make it real for Commissioners SCIE Webinar 2.00 – 3.30 14th August 2020 Agenda Topic Speaker 2 – 2.05 Overview and Introductions Carmen Colomina 2.05 – 2.15 Why coproduction is important for commissioners? John Evans OBE


...3 Co-production – Can You Feel It? People’s Voice Media and National Coproduction Advisory Group 8 8 July Asset-Based Community Development with one eye on COVID-19 and the other on our gifts Nurture Development 9 Spoon Room Camerados 9 Re-framing

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...contributions and concerns in our communities.” Strengths based practice needs to built on • Leaders sharing power • Deep engagement with communities • Coproduction • A new approach to commissioning • Partnership working • Focusing on outcomes Critical Review Tool

annex-7-key-questions-for-programmes help support PLWC in a holistic person-centred way? 9) Do they know who to speak to in GP/Primary care/Community/Acute to help join up pathways? 10) Do they have training needs around cancer? Coproduction/pathway modelling 1) What is currently know about the pathway for PLWC

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...of communicating with survivors • Heavy reliance on very small number of survivors • Over-reliance on the generosity of that small number of survivors to contribute on a voluntary basis; out of step with good practice in coproduction Building on • MACSAS, Lantern Project involvement in NSP

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...of coproduction Anna Severwright, Coalition for Collaborative Care 2.15 – 2.30 Scaling innovation Alex Fox, Shared Lives Plus 2.25 – 2.35 What does the Network focus on next? Ewan King Anna Severwright 2.35 – 2.55 Questions and answers 2.55 – 3.00 Next steps Ewan King

Results 31 - 40 of 81