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Named Social Worker: Baseline report

Published by: Department of Health, December 2016

The purpose of the NSW programme is to:

  • Design, implement and refine the role of a named social worker across six sites
  • Evaluate the impact that the NSW has had in each site on the lives of individuals with learning disabilities, mental health conditions and autism
  • Analyse learning from across the six sites about the implementation and impact of the models,
  • Share insights and tools with the wider sector.

The programme is split into three phases:

  • Baseline – articulating the model and planning for implementation.
  • Reflect and Refine – gathering data and reflecting on learning.
  • Feasibility – presenting models, analysing data and planning for sustainability.

In each of these phases there will be:

  • ongoing coaching support for sites from Innovation Unit and SCIE
  • a whole-programme workshop
  • a report that shares activities, insights and learning.

This Baselining Report brings together the core hypothesis that each of the sites is testing, an analysis of emerging themes, an outline of the programme’s approach to evaluation and mini case studies illustrating different elements of implementation.

Full version: Named Social Worker: Baseline report