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Social work recording: Safeguarding disclosure

Practice your social work recording skills


  • Victoria – Social Worker
  • Roweena – Service user, 78, with some fluctuating mental health problems and difficulties with mobility.
  • Sharon – Homecare worker


Roweena’s home

Victoria has been called to the home of Roweena, a 78 year-old woman who lives alone, with few opportunities for getting out or socialising. She gets quite a lot of support from her neighbour, Janet, who does the weekly shop for her, and then stops for a cup of coffee and a chat. The home care worker, Sharon, has told Victoria that she thinks Janet is not giving Roweena the proper change – for a couple of weeks now she has been unable to tally up what Roweena says she gives Janet with what Janet returns to her.

How would you record the events?